International students from North China Electric Power University Invited to Participate in the World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference and China International New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Exhibition

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On the morning of November 11, 2020, 42 international students from North China Electric Power University were invited to participate in the World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference and China International New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Exhibition held at New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing.

In recent years, with the support of policies, communication and energy technology, intelligent connected vehicles and new energy vehicles have developed rapidly. Intelligent connected vehicles and new energy vehicles will become the main players in the future automobile industry. It is an indispensable course for NCEPU students to understand the development trend of the future automobile industry and learn advanced new automobile technology. The World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference is the highest standard international exchange platform for China's intelligent connected automobile industry. The theme of this conference is "building ecology, leading the future intelligently - opening a new era of automobile"; the exhibition contents include new automobile, advanced technology of environmental protection and intelligent automobile, new automobile supporting facilities, upstream and downstream enterprises and institutions of automobile industry chain, etc.

The exhibition brings together many auto companies from all over the world, including not only vehicle models, product technology deconstruction and display, but also lifelike driving experience simulators, self driving cars, new materials batteries, intelligent network connection charging facilities, big data and cloud computing platforms. Management system, more convenient driving operation, more comfortable car experience, safer traffic mode, have expressed in excitement and horizon broadening.


A master student of electrical engineering from Pakistan, was deeply impressed by the application of the 5G technology in the exhibition. He said, "technical experts explained to us: assuming that the autopilot runs at a speed of 60 km/h, according to the common communication delay of 60 ms, the braking distance of the vehicle is about 1 m, but if the theoretical delay to 5G is 1 ms, the braking distance is shortened to be only 17 millimeters. It can be seen that 5G technology complements the "short board" of the intelligence connected vehicles and automatic driving in communication network. Although the Chinese enterprises in the exhibition have different fields, they have carried out bold innovation and in-depth exploration in intelligent networking technology. This not only makes the international students feel that the efforts of independent innovation, independent development, independent brand and industrial structure upgrading of Chinese enterprises are increasing, but also makes them realize the efforts made by Chinese enterprises for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Finally, the international students participated in the discussion meeting related to intelligent connected vehicles. At the meeting, the professionals introduced the latest situation of the industry hot spots, such as road test, business innovation, policies and regulations, standard system, etc., to the international students, so that they had a new understanding of the future travel mode. The visit to the automobile conference has expanded the international vision of the international students of our university, made the international students have a deeper understanding of the development of the intelligent networked automobile industry and Chinese automobile enterprises, provided guidance for the future learning and development direction of the international students, and built a bridge for the future international talent exchange between colleges and enterprises. At present, our school is fully promoting the internationalization strategy, and the level of international education and training is constantly improving. Combined with the characteristics of international compound talents training, our school encourages students to widely learn about new industries and new products in the power industry, constantly expand international vision, improve their professional comprehensive quality, lay a solid foundation for being competent in the high-tech field, and actively enhance our international strategic level, approach the center of the world stage, and enhance the construction level of high-level research university, to promote the construction of a community of shared future for mankind and make new and greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.