North China Electric Power University (NCEPU), founded in 1958, is one of the “Project 211” in Superior Discipline Innovation Platform universities and one of the “Double-First Class” initiative universities. As one of the key universities in China under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, NCEPU is jointly constructed by the Ministry of Education and the University Directorate, which is composed of seven super-large power enterprises including State Grid Corporation of China. NCEPU, under an integrated administration, consists of two campuses in Beijing an in Baoding respectively, with the Beijing Campus as its main campus.


Academic Reputation


NCEPU has undertaken the historical mission to develop high-quality talents for national energy and power industry and promote science and technology progress for more than half a century. Upon the entry of the new century, the university has implemented the guideline to base the university on disciplinary programs, make use of talents to enhance the university, depend on scientific research to promote the university, and achieve characteristic development. Besides, it has grasped the opportunity, accelerated the development, and realized leap development.


NCEPU has always taken talents development as its basic task, so it has formed the special talents development featuring “to focus on solid foundation, emphasize on practice, promote abilities and pursue innovation”, which makes the university become first universities to implement the Excellent Engineer Development Plan. There are five national excellent courses, two teams of national-level famous teachers, 11 national characteristic majors, three national experimental teaching demonstration centers, three national engineering practice education centers, one national virtual simulation experimental teaching center, and ten provincial experimental teaching enters in the university. Moreover, NCEPU has passed the assessment of undergraduate education and achieved the “Excellence” result.



High-level Faculty


NCEPU has 10 schools, including Electrical and Electronic Engineering School, Energy Power and Mechanical Engineering School, Control and Computer Engineering School, Economics and Management School, Environmental Science and Engineering School, Renewable Energy School, Nuclear Science and Engineering School, Mathematics and Physics School, Humanities and Social Sciences School, and Foreign Language School, totally 58 undergraduate majors. The university has two national key subjects (Power System and Automation, and Thermal Power Engineering), 23 provincial key subjects, five centers for post-doctoral studies, 5 fist-level disciplines and 30 second-level disciplines authorized to offer Ph.D. Degree, and 23 first-level disciplines and 123 second-level disciplines authorized to offer Master Degree. Besides, the university has the right to confer Mater of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Engineering. All of these make NCEPU develop complete education system of undergraduate, graduate, and doctor.


The university possesses a high-quality teaching staff team which is proactive, qualified, and rationally structured. Currently, there are 1,806 full-time teachers, including one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, four dual-employed academicians, six professors of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, one expert of the Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan, two experts of National Plan for the Special Support of High-level Talent, five Chief Scientists of Project 973, one national-level famous teacher, six winners of the National Science Found for Distinguished Young Scholars, four Chang Jiang Scholars, eight experts of the National Talents Project, 28 winners of the New Century Excellent Talents Program of MOE, and four teams listed in Chang Jiang Scholars and Innovation Team Development Program, etc.


Outstanding Research


Since the university regards the major national development strategies as its own duty, it has positively taken part in the construction of national innovation system. Therefore, it has constructed three national scientific innovation platforms, three key laboratories of MOE, and 11 provincial scientific innovation platforms and research bases. In recent years, the university has achieved great success on the fields of new energy power generation, ultra-high voltage, smart grid, efficient and clean coal-fired generation technology, and nuclear power technology, etc. Since the Tenth Five-year Plan, the university has assumed more than 1,900 vertical projects from major national research and development projects, Project 973, Project 863, National Science Support Plan, and National Natural Science Foundation of China, and won 162 national and provincial Science Progress Awards. The scientific research funds have been surged in the new century, and NCEPU takes the top in the universities directly under the MOE on the statistics of the three important international search of science and technology paper. The Engineering Science has been in the top one percent of ESI in the world as well.


Industry-university Collaboration

As Vice President Member of China Electricity Council, relying on the university council platform, NCEPU has constantly deepened the industry-university collaboration and reached strategic cooperation relations with about 30 large high-tech enterprises of domestic and overseas power, coal, telecommunication, equipment manufacturing industry to undertake important researches and development projects, construct experimental centers, research and development centers,  postdoctoral workstations, and graduate workstations, and accelerate exploitation and industrialization of scientific and technological results. It has signed about 500 scientific projects with major scientific innovation enterprises per year, and successively obtained two titles of Special Contribution Unit of Demonstration Project for Ultra-high Voltage Alternating and Direct Current Experiment of State Grid Corporation of China. NCEPU has constructed the multilateral university-local cooperation platform, expanded cooperation channels, and finally it develops strategic partnership relations with the local governments of Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Shandong. On the new energy, smart gird and other strategic emerging industries, the university deepens the communication and cooperation in scientific innovation, achievement transformation, and talents development so as to gain fruitful results in promoting regional scientific innovation and driving local economic development. NCEPU is an active participator in the promotion of interscholastic cooperation, and as the major sponsor it has participated in establishing the Beijing High-Tech Universities Alliance consisting of 11 industry-based universities to share and complement advantageous resources and encourage interscholastic cooperative innovation.


Exciting Campus Life


NCEPU is more than a place of learning. NCEPU students enjoy a diversity of sporting and cultural activities, and relax in an exciting and welcoming environment. There are more than 100 associations and clubs. Cultural activities including concerts, art performances, dance parties and movies are held regularly, and sport events such as NCEPU Sport Festival, NCEPU Football League, NCEPU Basketball Tournament, and NCEPU Volleyball Match are held each year regardless of the sport events held by schools.


Promising Career Opportunity


With a broad understanding of expertise, a sound foundation of academic knowledge and a good command of various professional skills, NCEPU graduates will have a wide choice of careers in the mainstream electrical, electronic, energy industries, IT, other engineering and high-tech spheres as well as the fields of business, management, law and other public sectors, to name but a few.